Posted by: mommytoo | August 10, 2009

hello to you, too!

it seems like nate gets about one new word a week.  i imagine that at some point, the rate of word-learning will increase.  but for now, it’s slow and steady (and not a race).  this week – as of yesterday – the word is hi.  so far, he mostly says it into phones, or when someone says it to him first.  but i think it’s my favorite so far, it’s so cute and quiet.  come to think of it, though, he’s still enjoying shoe quite a bit.  in fact, it’s usually the first thing he says in the morning and the last thing he says before going to sleep.

does anyone know about these professors who don’t make you take a final exam if you have an “A” in the class?  i have heard about it happening, but i wondered if it was an urban legend.  turns out: it really happens!  dreams do come true!  i was supposed to have two exams this week, and i got an email a few days ago telling me i don’t have to take one of my finals, because of my grade in the class so far.  it’s an incredible relief, now i can focus on the other exam, which is much harder and scarier.  we’re going away at the end of this week, and in the next few days – between my exam, the article d is working on, my shifts, d’s clients and classes… let’s just say the babysitter is making some good money!


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