Posted by: mommytoo | August 29, 2009


well, we’re back.  that sentence looks so sad, but i’m actually feeling okay about being home.  we were in martha’s vineyard for a week (yes, our visit overlapped with the first family, but unfortunately we didn’t have time to stay and hang out) — it’s so lovely there.  our favorite spot was a pond just a short walk away, but the ocean was nearby too.  we had great weather, even through the hurricane, i swear.  nate had a blast — he practiced walking quite a bit, but is still not happy about it.  when we let go of hands, he gets very mad.

 acts like he can’t stand up without help!

 at the beach

 i like how it looks like d is telling him a joke here!

we took a ferry back late last sunday.  there were a few late night drives, so that nate could sleep in the car.  he is not into long drives, but there is one song that he has loved since he was born, and we learned the other day that it still works to put him to sleep!  the new thing that helps, though, is books.

 we had to turn on the light in the back of the car, so that he could “read.”  here he is reading a book with pictures of everyday things, and he has recently started announcing what he sees.  “daw!” (dog.) “vroooo!” (car.) “duh!” (duck.) “more!” (yogurt) and of course, “SHOES!” “shooooooe?” “shoe!”

we crashed at my mom’s house last sunday night, and then monday went to d’s parents’ house.  got to go to the beach one more time, ate ice cream, and d and i went to the movies, always exciting!  we liked the movie, but mostly we liked going at all, as usual.  got back home late thursday, and now i’m 2/3 of the way through 3 days of work.

so, that’s our trip, in a very small nutshell.  i came back feeling really close to nate — he always seems to grow up so much during trips, and as he grows up, i feel more and more bonded to him.  i didn’t feel like i wasn’t bonded to him before, but with each milestone, each new word, i understand more about him.  i am starting to understand why people say parenting gets better and better — it isn’t that he gets better, exactly, but the relationship deepens.  i guess it’s partly because he is capable of a different kind of intimacy.  but no… maybe it’s more like i am becoming more capable of the kind of intimacy he comes to so naturally?


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