Posted by: mommytoo | September 5, 2009

here’s my question.

when nate was born, we decided to get him vaccinated for all the routine stuff, with the regular schedule.  we briefly toyed with the idea of a delayed schedule.  d usually goes with whatever i think when it comes to medical things, and i ultimately felt more convinced by the pros of the the regular schedule than the cons.

so that was our decision, for our child.  i really understand and respect other people’s decisions, and still think about whether we might make a different choice for a future child.  not sure.

but anyway, right now there’s an episode on tv of a a certain d!ck w0lf show, the one featuring exploitation of women and children that arguably does the same in the mean time.  this episode demonizes a woman who chooses not to vaccinate her son.  and i find myself asking: if everyone is vaccinated when they go to school (and if the vaccines work), why is it so dangerous for the kids who aren’t vaccinated to be there?



  1. Exactly! Because even though they can have some side effects, and depending on who you ask, help cause Autism, and in some rare cases, death, they still don’t work sometimes. We’re mothers who chose not to vaccinate Teo with the regular schedule. We just did the more dangerous ones that can cause meningitis, etc. We defend our decision, and deal with the fallout, but I hate being demonized by the media about it.

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