Posted by: mommytoo | September 13, 2009

labor day, schmabor day

i had to work labor day last week, but i am happy now because i am coming to the end of my own holiday weekend.  d and i both had the last 3 days off, and it’s been heavenly.  a few highlights…

yesterday was the first “tot shabbat” of the new year.  no one could believe what a big boy nate is!  i dressed him up a little — corduroys and a plaid button-up shirt.  everyone is totally casual there, but i can’t resist primping him a little bit, especially since there’s no first day of school for him yet!  after that, we went to a gathering of newish g/l/b/t parents, and their kids.  it’s a new group and we’re not sure what the format will be.  support group, social group, playgroup?  nate had a major meltdown, and d was kind enough to be the one to bring him home (we were a block from our house).  i stayed for a while, and had a really good time.  it was mostly parenting talk, which i can’t get enough of, to be honest.  i love knowing other people want to talk about this stuff!

someone once told us not to overdo activities with babies and toddlers — one thing in the morning, one thing in the afternoon, at most.  that seems to be a good rule of thumb, for sure.  poor nate needed a nap badly, but there were two events that were important to us.  lesson learned.

last night nate got babysat by his favorite aunties, and d and i went on a date!  we just had our 4th wedding anniversary, and went for dinner in center city, then dessert at another place.  came home to a clean, smiley, sleepy boy.

this morning we went to a fantastic event at a wonderful public park nearby, put together by organization we’re just starting to get involved with.  we met some great people, and re-met some great people, all queer families and all interested in being with other queer families.  d and i have friends who are parents, and friends who are gay, but not many friends who are gay parents.    i can’t say it was that different than another gathering of infants and toddlers would be.  but needless to say, it somehow is different.  a certain comraderie, and everyone was there to expand their community, which made socializing really easy.  nate seemed to have a great time, and i cannot say enough about the (free!) space.  we were only in the “tot lot,” which is outside, but apparently the whole place is as perfect as that playground.  these are not your typical jungle gyms, and we will definitely be back to explore more.

tomorrow is back to work, but i can’t really complain.  i might feel differently at 5:45 tomorrow morning, though…


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