Posted by: mommytoo | September 18, 2009


tonight is the first night of rosh hashanah — i have much to do to get ready for dinner tonight, but am feeling lazy right now, watching a home renovation show and thinking about laundry, garbage, and the rest of the cooking.  i also haven’t showered yet, which is not good.

tomorrow we are driving to nyc for the second night of the holiday.  i managed to get the day off, but unfortunately i couldn’t get sunday off.  so i am driving back tomorrow night, after dinner.  and then spending the night alone here at home, which is a drag.

nate is getting a new round of teeth, one on each side, somewhere between the ones in front and the molar area.  he is drooling like he hasn’t in a year, and sometimes seems really uncomfortable.  we have some homeopathic teething stuff that really helps, but sometimes i don’t make the connection that it’s the teeth right away.  is he hungry, is he tired, what’s going on?  finally it clicks, and i feel so bad for the pain he’s in.

nate is saying more words, and maybe more importantly, understanding a lot more.  i am kind of opposed to the party tricks that parents have their kids perform, but nate is getting pretty good at the parts of the body, and i’m pretty proud when he shows it off.  he’s learned them pretty organically — e.g., teeth because i ask him to show me his teeth when i get out the toothbrush; foot from when i talk about putting on his shoes.  the whole thing continues to blow my mind.



  1. I’m late, but L’shanah tovah! :)

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