Posted by: mommytoo | October 8, 2009

back in the blogging saddle

i’ve been absent from my blog for a while, mostly because i’ve been out of commission from my whole life.  nothing i want to discuss here, except to say that i am on the mend from an elective procedure.  i’ve been home a lot (way too much), resting and not doing much, getting sick of it, and not feeling up to blogging.  plus not having anything interesting to say!

nate is a busy little boy, as usual.  he’s a good little walker, although he still isn’t doing it often.  his vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds, although he still has word “jags” and only wants to talk about “choos” right now (trains).  he’s figured out the difference between trains and cars, and doesn’t mind telling us which is which.  with “truck” thrown in now and then, as well.  he’s also very excited about books and puzzles in the last couple of weeks, and has been spending lots of time playing with them, sometimes just alone quietly, sitting in a big boy chair, very pleased with himself.  oh, the cute.

he’s truly a toddler — curious, funny, cuddly, emotional, hungry, testing boundaries.  so much to say about what it’s like being his mama!  but right now i’m going to get ready for pr0ject runw@y.


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