Posted by: mommytoo | October 10, 2009

a little opinion

he did commit to overturning don’t ask don’t tell, but there are a lot of people asking WHEN WHEN WHEN.  i don’t need it to be today, and i do understand how much stuff obama has been dealing with since he took office.  it would help, though, if it seemed that something was in the works.  even if he didn’t give dates, i just wish there were some urgency in his actions, not just his words.

obama is always such an incredible speaker, and i did believe what he was saying.  he was certainly received warmly, lots of applause and standing and laughter in all the right places.  i would like to  be more enthusiastic, but there wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff.  i like that he was there – apparently he is the second president to be there, clinton attended in 1997 – but i’m kind of sick of appareciating these little things.  i should be able to ask for more!



  1. I liked the live blogging during the speech. :)

    You’re right. He’s good. At speeches. At placating us. At making us cry (at least my partner and I cried during his speech).

    I like him again. I do want to see results, though.

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