Posted by: mommytoo | October 10, 2009

my take on a liveblog – obama at hrc

i am watching obama’s “big gay speech” at the hrc summit.  i’m not doing any fancy kind of live blogging, but i figured why not put in writing what i think of his keynote speech.

first, i have mixed feelings about this president, but the man?  i can’t help it, i love him.  he is inspiring and brings out the optimist in me, and he’s pretty adorable, and his wife is awesome.  and he’s funny — i love the lady gaga opener.

he just used the phrase change through “compassion and defiance,” i like it.

he referenced stonewall, which is an obvious must.

his “simple message” is that he’s “here with [us], in that fight.”  we’ll see.  everyone’s standing and clapping and i’d like to do the same, but i’m not buying it — i can’t imagine he’s really going to do what we need.  for those of you keeping score, what we NEED is to have DOMA and don’t-ask-don’t-tell repealed.

he is so good.  he says it isn’t for him to tell us to be patient.  amen!  he thinks he should be honest, because he believes in “honesty among friends.”  yup, he’s good.

“do not doubt the direction we are headed, and the destination we will reach.”  is that different from telling us to be patient?  not sure.

he just announced that the hate crimes bill passed, and he will be signing it.  matthew shepard’s parents are there, i can’t even imagine how they feel with that success.  as d just pointed out, it isn’t enough.  definitely not.  but i do hope it brings some sort of peace to the shephards.  i didn’t know it was named for ted kennedy.

he’s standing by an anti-discrimination bill.  okay.

reinvigorating response to hiv/aids.  renewing ryan white program.  rescinding ban on not being allowed to enter the u.s. based on hiv status.

“moving ahead” on don’t ask don’t tell.  you are?  show me the money.  he just made a commitment to end it, and apparently legislation has been introduced in the house.  well, he’s got 3 years.  tick tock, buddy.

he says he’s “called on congress” to repeal DOMA.  okay, great.  does that… does that technically do anything?

he’s doing kind of a “i have gay friends” thing, but i do realize it’s a little different when those friends are in the white house having dinner and rolling easter eggs.

he seems to be closing with a really lovely story about the woman who founded PFLAG.

and now his usual optimistic stuff.  will follow up.


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