Posted by: mommytoo | October 22, 2009

mister manners

nate has a tendency to learn a new word and use it over and over and over, at the beginning not really appropriately.  like when he learned book, he would sit in the car just saying “boo” repeatedly.  last night, he was holding a spoon that i wanted to put in the dishwasher and i took it from him and said “thank you.”  a few minutes later he said “quack you!”  it took us a minute, but we realized he was saying thank you!  and he said it all day today, not necessarily at the right times.  just “quack you!” whenever he felt like it.  we can’t stop laughing.

today nate and i went to the playground with some friends in the neighborhood, and their daughter.  nate is really walking now, and he seemed so happy to be able to follow the other kids around!



  1. So adorable! I can picture him dressed up as a duck for Halloween, saying “Quack you” to everyone… love it! Thank you for letting all Nate’s internet Aunties know how he’s doing. He’s a beautiful boy and lucky to have such loving Mommies.

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