Posted by: mommytoo | October 31, 2009

a day in the life

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to write down everything nate does in one day.  no, i’m not going to.  i just think it would be amusing, starting with “wake up.  nurse.  sit up.  peek over mommy to check if mama is there.  call ‘ma’ to make sure she’s awake, too.  once we’re all awake, call ‘choo.”  you get the idea.

i think this idea came from sending a few photos to my family — my mom emailed back “life is so fun!”  they were just everyday activities, but i loved the point: there is so much to explore, so much to try.

okay, sorry about my nostrils in that one shot.  but that serious face is so sweet.

i’m going back to work tomorrow, after a full month on leave.  i’m looking forward to getting back and to resuming a routine.  BUT i can’t deny that there have been some really fun things about this time off.  the last couple of weeks, i’ve been almost back to normal, so i’ve sort of been playing stay-at-home-mom.  of course, we still have a nanny 15 hours a week, partly because i needed the help in the first few weeks, and also because those are her regular hours.  for any of you who stay home with kids, may i recommend getting a nanny even when you don’t “need” it?  don’t you wish you could?  i’ve been really spoiled, and i’m grateful for it.




  1. What a coincidence. I did a “Day in the life” last Friday on my blog. I mostly did it for our friend and the mom of the little girl I watch so that she could see what our days with Larkin look like. She really appreciated it.

    Nate is getting so grown up looking in the photos. He’s a cutie!

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