Posted by: mommytoo | October 31, 2009

read me!

i got extra spoiled this morning — d brought nate to tot shabbat, and i stayed home to sleep in.  they ended up staying out longer than i expected, and by the time they got back, it was 11:30 and i was just starting my first cup of coffee.  it was almost naptime, but first we sk.y.ped my dad and stepmother in africa, and had a quick chat.  nate loves the computer, and manages to keep his hands off the keyboard for a few minutes, at least.  he loves seeing himself on the screen, and he loves seeing their faces up close.

so now d and nate are napping, and i’m playing online.  i’m catching up on blogs that i usually read regularly.  my main blog categories are parenting (mostly gay parents, but not entirely), news/politics, gossip, and style (fashion and home).  i have maybe 25 parenting blogs all together, obviously i don’t read any of them every day.  but on a day like today, with tons of down time that feels like a gift, it’s just tons of fun to waste time.  and one of the things i really like on some blogs is when they feature other good ones.  i have some of my favorites listed on the blogroll on the right, but then there are extra interesting ones i just have to recommend.

the first is first time second time, written by two moms who are doing childbearing the way d and i plan on doing it: one gave birth the first time, and the other gave birth the second time.  they both blog, and they are both fantastically smart and insightful.  and not afraid to be honest, which is really great for the rest of us!  i highly recommend.

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