Posted by: mommytoo | November 11, 2009

business and pleasure

we spent the weekend in san antonio.  d had a conference, and nate and i tagged along for fun and moral support.  as he always does on trips, nate seemed to age a month while we were away.  poor d had lots of work and stress, but here are some shots of the fun nate and i had.

plane on the plane.  despite spending several hours on a few different planes and even more time in airports, he is still saying “bird” every time he sees a plane.  i’m correcting him, but it’s half hearted, because it’s so cute.

riverboat san antonio has a river that trails through the downtown area.  there are tons of tourboats as well as water taxis, and as we well know, nate loves any mode of transportation.  this is his expression of wonder as we cruised along in the barge-type boat.  it was a 35 minute tour, and he talked through most of it.  “boat! duck! boat! duck!” er… it was more like “bo! duh! bo! duh!”

room service nate and i ordered breakfast in the room one morning, after we discovered he now loves scrambled eggs.


we found a playground down the street from our hotel, it had lots of areas where grown-ups couldn’t fit.  at first it was stressful for nate, because he’s sometimes hesitant to go through and under things without a mom.  but as you can see, he loved it after a little while.  do you remember when you first discovered how fun it is to lean back in a swin and look up at the sky?  i watched nate discover that on friday.  i love the one of him crouching — it’s so good to see him not just walking, but navigating different terrains, stretching high, bending down, all the more challenging stuff.

039 we hit the children’s museum on saturday, and the most popular part was of course the trolley.  in and out, up and down the aisle, on the stool off the stool… you get the idea.


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