Posted by: mommytoo | December 20, 2009

december already!

i really didn’t mean to disappear on a bad note with that last post!  it’s just holiday… stuff.  same old stuff as the rest of america, i imagine — parties, money stress, travel, shopping, not much down time.

this weekend was a wonderful exception to the holiday stress: we got probably two feet of snow yesterday!  it’s pretty rare in philly, so i feel kind of lucky.  it snowed yesterday from before we woke up until after we went to bed, and today it’s still very quiet around our neighborhood.  i had a fantasy of taking nate out in the snow and him being delighted, but the reality was, it was really cold and windy and he couldn’t walk in it.  not that fun, but today when we went out, i put him on my back, and that was so much better than when we tried to push the stroller over the tracks in the street, or carried him.

nate is growing up at a startling pace.  yes, he’s growing physically — taller, heavier.  but even more exciting is that he’s understanding most everything (when we’re talking to him) and imitating words, and building his vocabulary.  i can no longer count the number of words he says, which is kind of exciting to me, and he imitates new words all the time, even if he doesn’t then immediately acquire them.

among other things, we got nate a doll for hanukkah.  it’s just a soft plush doll with a pink dress and three strands of yellow hair, but when he opened it, he immediately yelled “BEEEE!” (baby) and hugged her.  when i put him to bed that night, he pulled me up from where i was laying on my pillow, and laid the doll there with her head on my pillow.  yesterday a friend was reading a story to him and the friend’s daughter, and he called for his BEE! to hear the story, too.  there are some beginning signs of imaginary play, he hasn’t done much of that before.

as he gets more words and matures, it’s interesting how his personality really remains the same, although of course it develops.  he is still an interesting mix of outgoing and shy, charms the pants off every waitress and cashier in philadelphia.  he’s incredibly sweet, and very focused, with a long attention span.  he’s open to different people playing with him, but he’s slow to really open up to people, and he makes it pretty clear when he really trusts someone.  watching him grow and change is just mesmerizing.

so that’s the update on our guy.  his hair is particularly gorgeous right now, having grown out from a really short haircut.  i think he has a sort of emo/bedhead look going.


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