Posted by: mommytoo | December 31, 2009

between the holidays

d and i both took off the whole week between xmas and new years.  i worked the 23rd-25th, but working xmas was so much less horrible than when i did it 2 years ago.  i thought it would be worse, now that i have a kiddo to miss.  but maybe i just have more perspective?  we went to visit my family for a few days and came back on the 28th.  since then we’ve been indoors most of the time.  yesterday we had an afternoon date – lunch and a matinee movie – and it was so fun and easy, not having nate with us at the restaurant.  but just as the movie started, we got a text from his nanny saying that he’d thrown up, probably just something he’d eaten, no fever.  we enjoyed the movie and when we got home, he proceeded to throw up several more times.  poor baby.  every little bite he took came right back up a little while later.  we stayed in bed and watched movies with him, which was cozy — although it was interrupted by bouts of vomit.  this morning he seemed better, but after a long midday nap, he woke up, said “mommy” and threw up again.  that was 5 or 6 hours ago, i am hopeful that it will soon be over.  i called the nurse at the pediatrician’s office, apparently it should soon be moving down and coming out the other end.  which i’d prefer, since there are diapers for that!  lots of laundry to do…

okay, that charming story is done.  needless to say, our new years eve is quiet and boring.  but pleasant… i got back from a quick run at the gym and d had picked up some junky magazines and my favorite embarrassing movie, l0ve actually, which i hope to watch at some point.  oh yes, and i’m going to make brownies.  we had a few low-key possibilities for plans, but no way is nate going anywhere, and it’s just fine with me that we’re staying home!

tomorrow we are supposed to go to a brunch/gathering/meeting for an organization we belong to, philadelphia family pride.  it’s a great group, and a great way to meet people.  i just hope the boy is up for it!

i am not usually one for new years resolutions, but i do have a few in mind for this year.  last year my resolution was to keep my car clean, and i did a pretty good job.  it always has all kinds of dog hair and, okay, my dog doesn’t have long curly hair, so some of that is mine. but my life is a bit better with less crap in back seat and trunk.   i think i need to step up my game, though.  our house is so disorganized and it’s really starting to bug me!  i’m such a cliche, but at least i know i’m not alone in my desire to spend less, be more organized, work out more…

happy new year, all.  wishing you peace, love and joy in 2010 and always.


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