Posted by: mommytoo | January 5, 2010

a roaring start

when last i blogged, nate was on the tail end of a stomach bug.  on sunday morning around 2am, d woke up with the same bug.  actually, probably worse.  i haven’t gotten it, but i can’t stop focusing on whether i feel a twinge of nausea.  i feel like i’m living under the gun!

after working the weekend, i was off yesterday and today.  yesterday afternoon nate and i went to the kids’ museum, to which we now have a membership.  it closes at 5pm, but that doesn’t matter when you’re a member!  we got there a little before 4, parked for free, played a while, and went home, never wondering if we were getting our money’s worth.

of course he wanted to play with the cars and choos the most, but we’ve all seen a hundred pics of that.  here he is playing his heart out on a nate-sized piano.  as you can see, he really got into it at the end.



  1. Hope you can avoid the bug. They are NO FUN.

    Love the piano playing pic. I can just hear the “snoopy” music……

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