Posted by: mommytoo | January 12, 2010


last week d got nate’s stomach bug, and today it was me.  it’s been a miserable 24 hours, but everyone says it’s a 24 hour thing, so i’m hoping i’ll be feeling better tomorrow.  around midnight it became clear that i needed to call out of work today, so i spent the day in bed.  barely slept last night, so i slept until the afternoon!

nate’s vocabulary seems to be growing really fast.  he’s finally using words that aren’t nouns (besides no), and he’s able to make his needs known.  the other morning he went to his little cupboard and pulled out one of his plates, handed it to me and said “food.”  then he went over to his chair and said “up,” and once i had put his yogurt in front of him, he requested a “spoon.”  i felt for so long like he was just really frustrated, not being able to tell us what he wanted, and now we’re able to communicate a lot more, although he’s got his own pronunciation that mostly just d and i understand!

also, yesterday he blew a kiss at his friend emmy (his own nickname for our friends’ little two year old), which we have never taught him.  no idea how he learned to do that, i should maybe ask his nanny?  whom he calls daddy (her name could be understood to sound like daddy, i guess).  she has taken on another kid his age this semester, which i think will end up being good for him.  he takes his time at everything it seems, and his new friend will probably give him a little push.  she’s really sweet and good natured, and they already seem to enjoy making each other laugh.



  1. Yuck, stomach bugs. Hate them! Hope it was indeed a quick 24 hour thing.

    Huray for communication! I’m so looking forward to that.

  2. I hope the bug left quickly and you’re all healthy again. How cool that Nate’s able to tell you what he wants and needs! And new friends… I love watching little kids play together, especially when you can see that they really get along. So sweet!

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