Posted by: mommytoo | January 19, 2010

i’m 34.

i’m happy to report that i have made the smooth transition into my mid-thirties.  it was, as d told me it would be, a birthday weekend “extravaganza” (if you watch 0prah, please pronounce it in your head the way she does).  the big day was friday, i went to the gym and trained with a friend and her cousin, who does personal training as a hobby and is happy to do it for free.  it was a tough, fun workout, followed by a soak in the hot tub.  after a family nap and a manicure/pedicure, i went to a friend’s house for a homemade sushi dinner with a small group of people.  it was a delicious dinner and a fantastic time overall.

saturday morning we went on a mural arts tour in center city.  at first when d told me about it i was afraid it would be really tough with nate — but the it’s a tour of mostly rooftop murals, on an el train!  so nate was absolutely thrilled.  we sat in the very front of the train – nothing between us and the tracks but a window – and he hardly paused in his “CHOOOOO!” talk the entire time.  we ended up heading back before everyone else, as it was getting close to nap time.  but so fun.  that night we stayed in a new hotel in center city, and had dinner at their restaurant while nate’s nanny stayed in the room with him for a few hours.  sunday we did some shopping, including getting new living room furniture!  which is being delivered this week.

it was a working vacation for nate:



  1. happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! The “Extravaganza” as said by Oprah made me laugh.

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