Posted by: mommytoo | January 27, 2010

changes are afoot

well, it’s finally happening: nate is going to start day care.  we’re going to visit tomorrow morning, but we’re already pretty sure how it will all work out.  it’s around the corner, and nate’s favorite friend goes there, as well as a few other kids we know from the neighborhood.

there’s lots of complicated nanny stuff going on, but this change has been coming for a while, and it seems like a good time for the transition.

so, daycare.  i’ve gradually gotten used to the idea, but i’m so nervous that nervous is not even an adequate word.  i keep thinking about how he is going to take a nap on his little mat, when he’s used to being cuddled to sleep.  and what if he doesn’t feel like eating the lunch i packed him?  he’s used to eating at home, and having choices.  what if the teachers don’t understand his own little language?  how would they know that “fie” means fire truck and “heen” means ice cream?

it’s exhausting being a mother.  the good news is that we’ve heard wonderful things about this place, and know several families who are happy with it.  one mom we’re friendly with told us that they were planning on bringing their (very attached) little girl just when they really needed it, but they bring her pretty much every day, because she loves it so much.  you can’t beat that for a glowing review!



  1. Getting a recommendation from friends for daycare is the best way to do it, I think. That is what we did too, and were mostly very happy with our daycare lady, before I decided to stay home with Teo.

    A few things that might assuage your fears. Kids at daycare become part of a group that are mostly always doing things together (such as eating, sleeping etc.) So, they tend to do things that they don’t do at home. This was our experience anyway. It might take Nate a while to adjust, but I bet he will be sleeping peacefully on his mat before long. Also, it will probably be fun for him to eat with other kids, so he will probably eat what you bring. Also, the stimulation and constant play they tend to do at daycare makes them work up an appetite that they don’t get at home. Also helps with the sleeping (he will be tired from all the play and interacting with so many kids). As far as them understanding him, little kids tend to make similar sounds for things, so they might have heard another kid that sounded like Nate. If he’s pointing at the thing he’s talking about, they will probably understand him fine.

    Good luck. It’s hard, but I think you all will adjust to it after a while.

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