Posted by: mommytoo | January 31, 2010

winter weekend

this was a really weird weekend.  nate had a really high fever on friday (104.3!) and so we spent the weekend giving him tylen0l and cuddling him while he was cranky.  he seems to be feeling so much better tonight — he’s playing and chatting and giggling.  he had two naps again (that happens when you wake up at dawn), so it’s a late bedtime but i’m hoping he’ll be back on schedule tomorrow.

we didn’t have any exciting plans for the weekend  – just a couple of playdates – but that all fell by the wayside.  the amazing thing is that despite the fevers, weepiness, very early mornings, an episode of vomiting, and a backed-up toilet, we had a really great couple of days.  we were cozy and when he wasn’t incredibly irritable, nate was really cuddly and loving.  he also watched way too much tv!  this morning when he and d went back to sleep, i got some stuff done around the house, including finishing up our living room.  we just re-did the whole thing, including paint, new furniture and rug, rearranging the whole layout, and some new prints on the walls.  it’s totally different and we’re in heaven.  i’m just glad i wasn’t working this weekend — it would have been hell for d!

we visited nate’s daycare on thursday, and it went amazingly well.  let me guess: i’m the only one who’s surprised?  we spent an hour or so with his soon-to-be class, and in that short time, he came out of his shell a bit and even followed what the other boys and girls were doing.  like any kid who’s never been in daycare or a really structured environment, the world always revolves around him.  he’s usually agreeable to doing what we need to do (errands, etc), but if we take out the train tracks and he’s more in the mood to color, that’s what we do.  if he’s hungry, he gets a snack.  if he isn’t, we’ll try again in an hour.  the teachers aren’t strict, but there are some rules, of course, lots more than he has at home.  otherwise there would be 8 two year olds running wild.  he already seemed interested in following what the others were doing, even lining up and waiting outside the gym.  i was stunned!  of course everyone told me i would be.  he starts a week from tomorrow, and although i’m still incredibly nervous, i feel better having spent time there and seen how well he fit in after just an hour.  and the teachers are wonderful.


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