Posted by: mommytoo | February 6, 2010

snowed in

philly is covered in snow again.  not that i mind — i got lucky again and don’t have to work this weekend.  we had a nice, cozy day.  our favorite neighbors stopped by this morning, and this afternoon we returned the favor and visited them.  nate does NOT like the snow, and he seemed rather traumatized by his boot falling off during our walk.  it would have been funny if he hadn’t been crying!  he looked way cute in his snowpants, though.

monday is the big day: nate is starting day care.  he has a lunchbox and a backpack, and we’ll pack him a blanket and his baby, also, for naptime.  he doesn’t have a lovey that’s special to him, but she’s the closest thing.  i’m glad i’m not working — i’ll feel better knowing i’m nearby and available.  that’s mostly for my own anxiety, though.  i think he’s going to do great.  he seems to go through phases when he grows up so much — not physical growth spurts, just maturity.  he acquires a bunch of words at once, gets more independent, etc.  and that has definitely happened in the last couple of weeks.  he’s imitating more than ever, my favorite being “hey!” when i said it the other day.  now he says it all the time, knowing it makes me laugh.  mr. entertainer.



  1. He does look very cute in those snowpants. :)

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