Posted by: mommytoo | February 22, 2010

and on we go…

sometimes i don’t post for a while because i have nothing to say.  these days, though, i have so MUCH to say that i can’t find the time and energy to put pen to paper… er… finger to keyboard.  here are some highlights:

nate is now in his third week of day care (or “school,” as we call it), but this is the first week he’ll do his full three days — the first week he had a snow day, the second week was presidents day.  i think the lack of regularity may be making it more challenging, so i’m hoping it will help to have more of a routine (in so far as a 2 year old recognizes monday/wednesday/friday as regular).  the adjustment to school is really difficult for all of us, perhaps more difficult than i had anticipated.  it will probably be a few more weeks before drop-off isn’t torture.

i’d say there are three major issues, and we’ve made progress on two of them.  the first is that nate is not a big eater in general, and he didn’t eat anything there until this past friday, when he nibbled a bagel that i’d brought, hoping to give him breakfast when dropping him off.  today he ate his lunch, which was a major accomplishment!  number two is naptime; he refuses to sleep there, the most he’s napped is 30 minutes, out of two hours, and even then it was in someone’s arms, not on his cot.  not surprising, considering we co-sleep, and considering how hard it is to sleep in a place where you’re stressed.  i imagine he will eventually just be so exhausted that he’ll fall asleep there, and hopefully realize it wasn’t so bad.

number three is how “off” nate is when he gets home.  in the first week, he was in a weird mood not just that day when he got home, but on the following days, too.  last week, he was moody and clingy when he got home that night, but totally his normal self on the other days.  and today when i picked him up, he was chatty and snuggly and when we got home, we had a great afternoon reading, playing with cars, chasing each other around the dining room, and drawing.  that’s what i’m most pleased about, because last week was so upsetting for him and for me.  he started doing what i can only describe as hoarding — he wanted me to hold him, but standing up, and for us to hold about a dozen of his favorite things: a book, his babydoll, three cars, his sippycup, etc.  it’s similar to what he does when we pick him up — he won’t leave without the blanket we’ve brought for nap time.  also, we went for a little family trip this past weekend, and when we got to the hotel he refused to take his hat and jacket off, and just wouldn’t settle.  it was really distressing for me, because it was clearly about being in a new place and not trusting that we would stay there with him.  he usually adjusts to new places pretty well, as long as d and i are there.  the whole evening, in fact, he refused to take his hat off.  that was improved today, too, he took off  his hat as soon as we got home.

so all in all, i guess it’s getting better already.  if it were anyone else’s kid i’d say things were going pretty well, but every drop-off feels like torture.  when we walk into the building he starts in with “home,” and as we progress toward the classroom – taking off his jacket, putting his lunch away, etc – it escalates.  by the time we leave, he gets pretty hysterical.  it doesn’t seem like it lasts long, but trust me, it echoes in my ears all day.

we did have a fantastic weekend in lancaster, which is in the heart of pennsylvania dutch country.  the major attraction for us was the railroad museum and train, which did not disappoint.  we had lunch in the dining car — the food was terrible, but the views were great, especially when we saw all the old steam engines.  he was so enthralled that he wasn’t even really smiling, just wide-eyed and wide-mouthed.  and then we took a horse and buggy ride, during which he said “farm” and “horse” about a hundred times.  even funnier in person, because he leaves out the R and S, respectively.



  1. Fam Whore!!

    Sorry the transition is rough on everyone. I hope he makes a friend or two and comes to enjoy his time at school.

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