Posted by: mommytoo | March 17, 2010


hi.  been a while.  we were on vacation last week, 5 days in the dominican republic.  we had a great time, lots of swimming, eating, playing.  we went with some friends and their little girl, nate’s favorite friend.  it was over too quickly, but really refreshing nonetheless.

nate spiked a fever the last day we were there, and it stayed for a few days.  yesterday d brought him to the doctor, and it turns out he has his first ear infection!  last night when i gave him his antibiotic i got some on my hand and licked it off.  the taste… oh, it’s like the taste of my childhood.  that sticky pink liquid was always in our fridge!

between vacation and being sick, nate missed a whole week of school.  apparently he had a rough day today.  before we left for vacation, though, he was doing better and better.  he even did the drop-off without crying once last week!  i didn’t see it for myself, but i hope it continue to get easier for him and for us.

going to school is making nate so much bolder.  he is still a cautious little guy, but he likes showing off things he’s learned.  before he started there, he would barely go down the stairs even holding our hands, and even on flat ground he walked ever so carefully.  now he loves to go fast and yell “RUN!”  and at the playground yesterday he had a fantastic time on the stairs.


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