Posted by: mommytoo | March 20, 2010

vacation recap

i think i mentioned we had a great vacation last week in the dominican republic.  we went with friends – another couple and their little girl – which ended up being great.  we’ve only become close in the last 6 months or so, and weren’t sure how the travelling would go.  but it went smoothly.  the 6 of us spent time together in different combinations and also got time alone, as families and even as individuals.

we’ve often felt like travelling can be a particularly difficult time to be gay — navigating new people, different cultures, sometimes red tape (straight people might be surprised how often you have to come out to people at airports, restaurants, hotels, etc).  being at a resort with a kid, sitting by the pool or on the beach, i have gotten sick of hesitating before being physically affectionate, referring to d as my wife, etc.  i think i’ve come a long way, but being in a different culture, and having a language barrier, sometimes it adds another element.

one interesting aspect of this trip was that the other couple is straight.  they suggested that next time we go somewhere more gay-friendly, or even to a gay place that welcomes straight families too, which i think might be really nice.  but i think they also had never realized how weird it can be, to be around almost all straight people, and constantly have to come out and not be sure how others will react.

okay, and now a few cute pics.  nate just looked too cute in his summer outfits, we could hardly stand it.  the one of him crouching is him learning to throw rocks into the water, he was so proud.  the nudie pic of him is on our little patio, playing with his cars in the early morning.


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