Posted by: mommytoo | March 23, 2010

24 fantastic months

tomorrow is nate’s big day — he’s turning two!  right now we’ve got cupcakes in the oven, which we’re sending for his class to enjoy after lunch, and there are a few different colors of frosting as well.

we had a birthday party over the weekend, and it was so fun.  we had it at a playspace nearby, and it felt like the social event of the year!  there were 14 toddlers there and two little babies, plus parents.  normally that would be really stressful, but having it not at home was perfect.  we didn’t have to worry about clean-up, and because the space is perfect for toddlers, no one got hurt.  it was just tons of tumbling mats and balls and hula hoops, and other soft things.  the oldest kid was 7, but even she had fun, running and jumping and all the stuff that wears kids out.

i was so happy for nate, he did really well.  sometimes he sort of retreats in social situations, and becomes really shy.  we got there a little early, though, and that helped a lot.  he already had the lay of the land by the time the other kids got there, so he was confident and excited and seemed to know it was his special day.  seriously, he seemed to strut a little bit!

one of the best things for me as a mama was seeing how many people came to celebrate.  granted, nate is irresistible and very popular :) but it just spoke volumes about the little community we’ve created in philadelphia.  i was really touched and so proud of all three of us.



  1. Happy 2nd birthday, Nate! Looks like he had lots of fun.

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