Posted by: mommytoo | April 5, 2010


is there anything like the coming of spring when the winter has been setting snow and cold records left and right?

no.  there is nothing better.

we spent the weekend in northampton, massachusetts, where d went to college (i went to college a few miles away, and we both love it there).  we stayed with friends we’ve known forever, and their two daughters, one of whom is just 7 weeks old.  it was a long drive, but well worth it to spend time with the four of them.  nate loved both kids, following around the older one and snuggling the baby.

we went to a kids’ concert saturday morning in town, a favorite  little band that does great music for children.  it was so sweet and great watching the kids dance.  besides that, though, we spent as much time as possible outdoors, for the most part.  poor nate spent way too much time in the car over the weekend, so we wanted him to get as much energy out as possible!

nate is doing so great at school.  he doesn’t cry when we drop him off any more, and when we pick him up, instead of seeming upset and out of sorts, he comes running for a big hug.  we no longer have to carry him the three blocks to school in the morning, instead he leads the way.  and this morning while we were all getting showered and dressed, he said “gool” (school), gave me my shoes, and led me downstairs and out the door.  needless to say, we are thrilled.  he still barely naps when he’s there – he cuddles with one of the teachers on the couch and dozes off – but that just means that he’s nice and exhausted at night.

i am so relieved that he’s doing better, it means i am more comfortable, too.  i always knew it was a wonderful place, but now i can see how great his little friends are, and really appreciate the care they provide.

here’s a picture of nate, d and our friends’ kids — love nate’s curiosity.  the other is him walking to school the other day.  he happily wore his little “pack” the whole way!


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