Posted by: mommytoo | May 3, 2010


nate has been going happily to daycare every day.  he just loves it there, and he naps on his little cot every day.  amazing.  and it really is a special place.  to give you an idea, here is this month’s calendar.

in case you can’t see it, tomorrow they will be bird watching out on the side porch, and playing board games with their own rules.  this month’s theme is growing, so on wednesday we are asked to send him with a toy animal for each kid to care for all day.  next week they will be planting tomatoes and the following week, they will be weighing and measuring themselves and going to the woods nearby to check on the little trees they planted last fall.  last week i got to nate’s classroom to pick him up, and there was swing music blasting, and they were all dancing around.  every day when i get there, i peek over the half-door to see what he’s up to, and then open the door.  when they hear the squeak of the door, every kid looks over.  nate gets this huge smile and comes running over, and at least one other kid says “hi, nate’s mom!”  he throws himself into my arms, then says “dance!” or “trains!” or whatever he was just doing.  then he says “go!” and leads me out of the room, stopping just to say “bye, friends!” and give a few hugs.




  1. That sounds like a wonderful place!

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