Posted by: mommytoo | May 3, 2010

well hel-LO!

it’s been a busy time in our house.  i finished my semester last week – yay! – and i don’t start again until september.  and summer is making itself known — it’s been humid and 80-something degrees outside, and it’s going to be like that for the next few days.  last night it was so hot, after we got into bed at 11pm i got back up to lug the air conditioner out of the closet and put it into the window.  and today, i am trying to get stuff done using the bedroom (with the a/c) as my office.  too humid for me.

we had a fun weekend despite the heat.  my mother (“pomma”) and sister (“dude”) came to visit, and nate got to spend some good time with them.  on saturday we went to a little street fair in our neighborhood, and nate rode a horse for the first time.  we were nervous that he wouldn’t like it, not being the most adventurous kid around.  but he loved it!  the look on his face — so proud, so thrilled — well, see you for yourself.

he took a hard core nap afterwards, and that night after dinner in the city, we came home for bedtime.  he was not having it… he put up a huge fight, one of those overtired situations.  he had spent the whole day showing off for his guests, and then last night he crashed!


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