Posted by: mommytoo | June 28, 2010

here goes…

hi folks, it’s me… the author of this sadly neglected blog.  i think i’ll just bust out with it — i haven’t been blogging because it’s just too awkward when there’s something so major i am holding back.

we’re having another baby!  i am 11 weeks (and change) pregnant, and we’re so excited.  i’ve actually had a remarkably easy first trimester – very little morning sickness – the hardest part has been how tired i am!  and when i say tired, i mean i had no idea this kind of tired could exist.  i’m kind of perking up now, in the last couple of weeks maybe, and i guess that’s because i’m coming to the end of the first trimester.  other than the “fatigue” (what an understatement), my major symptom is hunger.  if i don’t eat every couple of hours, i am a wreck.

meanwhile, there is so much more going on with nate that i haven’t been blogging about, because it has felt so weird, talking/writing around the biggest thing in my life right now.  nate is talking talking talking, and has us laughing non-stop.  a few months ago he removed the word “yes” from his vocabulary (it was pronounced “hey” anyway), and he has not reinstated it.  he does nod and repeat what you say, if he means yes, but i find it pretty funny that he won’t actually use the word.

it’s hot hot hot in philadelphia, and so our leisurely afternoons in the playground and the backyard have come to an end.  we do have a kiddie pool, so once i blow it up, maybe we’ll be able to spend time in our tiny yard again.  a friend of d’s gave us a pass to the pool he goes to, so we go there a few times a week, in the late afternoon.  nate is totally unafraid of the water now, which makes both his water-loving moms happy.  other than that, it’s lots of indoor time — he doesn’t know how unbearable it is in the heat, but we do!

in milestone news, nate has been in his own bed for a few weeks now.  usually d puts him down around 8pm, and he wakes up around 1am and then maybe around 4am, and d goes in to nurse him again.  then around 6-something, he usually comes into our bed.  there was one night – the most amazing night ever! – that he slept the whole night.  he went to sleep around 8-something, and slept until 7am.  we kept waking up and looking at each other, checking on him, etc.  what a champ!  i’m sure plenty of two year olds sleep through the night, but it was a BIG deal for us, and i was so happy for d especially, the best sleep she’s gotten in 27 months.  tonight d was thinking about putting him down in our room because her knee is hurting (from all the running she’s been doing!) and she was dreading getting in and out of two beds with side rails (sometimes it’s a whole gymnastics routine).  but when we asked if he wanted to sleep in mommy and mama’s room, he said “nate room.”  lo and behold, d just got downstairs and he’s fast asleep in his own bed.

with the “big kid bed” nate seems to be getting a little more adventurous.  he’s still hesitant sometimes, but i think it’s given him a little swagger that my cautious little boy can benefit from.  i’m really proud.  he’s also excited about the baby in mama’s belly — not that he really gets it, but it’s a start.



  1. wow!!! congratulations! so very happy for you all!

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy and on Nate’s sleep achievements!!

  3. Congratulations! I’m happy that the 1st trimester went well, other than the wicked tiredness, which is inevitable. Can’t wait to hear more as time progresses.

  4. Congratulations! (and I always get kind of excited when another family switches who carries…)

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