Posted by: mommytoo | July 21, 2010

pure joy at 150 beats per minute

i had my 14 week appointment with the midwife today, and it was wonderful.  weighed in, listened to the heartbeat!!, asked a couple of questions.  then chatted about nate for a few minutes, and we were on our way.  i think it’s really good for me to be in an environment where everything is presumed healthy and normal — i left feeling really light and happy.

the midwife did mention i should be exercising, and i’m really not (other than workdays, when i consider 12 hours of standing and walking to be decent exercise).  i’ve been going to prenatal yoga occasionally, but my schedule is not consistent, and i’d like to go more regularly (and more often).  i’ve never had an easy time with yoga. i find it really hard to “stay on my own mat” — that’s the only way i can explain it.  i am always peeking at other people, looking at the instructor to see if i’m doing the pose just right, etc.   i find it hard to close my eyes, too.  it’s going a little better since i’m pregnant, i feel less of a desire/need to push my flexibility and make the pose perfect.  it’s unusual to find time to do nothing but focus on the growing baby, and it feels like a gift to have that hour and a half to connect.  i can also feel how the poses will help during the end of pregnancy, and during labor.  and i love the beginning of class, when we talk about how we’re feeling, anything unusual that’s happened, and the experience of being pregnant.  if only i didn’t work so many thursdays, when the class takes place!

the most interesting part of the class is the “three minute exercise.”  the instructor has us do a repetitive motion that mimics a mild contraction, and continue for three minutes.  usually it’s pumping our arms in some way.  it’s to help create a strategy that gets us through the discomfort, whether it’s distraction, moving around, a mantra… whatever works.  i’ve noticed that everyone else rocks back and forth, or paces, or something like that.  but what works for me is focusing on one spot outside the window, and standing completely still.  it’s giving me some early insight into what kind of atmosphere might work during labor.  i’ve got plenty of time to think about it, and learn more about what will work for us.

here’s a glimpse of the most wonderful part of being pregnant, literally from my point of view..



  1. Glad everything is going well so far! Enjoy the trimester of bliss. :)

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