Posted by: mommytoo | August 13, 2010

friday night

d is seeing a movie with a friend, nate is sleeping upstairs.  we had a fun mama/kid night — we ate “green noodles” (pesto) in front of the tv with curious george making us laugh.  then we made a collage out of pictures i’d cut out of magazines (cars, animals, ice cream).  after reading his book about the baby in mama’s belly, he went to sleep wtihout too much fuss.  lately he doesn’t go to sleep for me, so i was relieved.  i thought i’d watch a movie myself, and thought slumdog millionaire would be a feel-good choice.  my mistake — where did i get the misconception it was a feel-good movie?  feeling particularly sensitive these days, even without the extra emotions i’m experiencing, aren’t all women about 100 times more sensitive when they’re pregnant?

i’m working the next three days, which i’ve been trying to avoid lately.  i’m easily exhausted in the last 17 weeks or so!  but it should be worth it, because after that we’re going away for a couple of weeks.  on tuesday we’re heading for new england, coming back home right before labor day.  the day after we come back i have an ultrasound and an echocardiogram (for the babe, not me).  we’ll have the amnio results well before then, so we won’t spend our vacation on anxiety overload.

nate calls the baby by name now, and wants to know what he’s doing all the time.  i talked to him from work the other day, and he wanted to know if the baby was working, too.  he thinks the baby wants ice cream, and attempted to give share through my belly.  he still doesn’t quite get what a “brother” is, but he’ll get there…



  1. Sounds like a fun mama/kid night! I didn’t even make it through Slumdog Millionaire, and I don’t even think I was pregnant yet. I guess the end was feel good, but I’ll never know….

    Have a great vacation!

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