Posted by: mommytoo | August 20, 2010

vacation state of mind

we got great news a couple of days ago — my amnio is all clear!  it’s what we were expecting, so i was surprised to find myself feeling so relieved after we got the final results.  on tuesday we learned that they were almost finished reading the results, and that everything looked good so far (that usually doesn’t change, because an abnormality in one cell will usually show in all cells, since they replicate themselves).  i was relieved, but then the next day, when i called again and heard everything still looked good, now that they were finished, i felt totally different.  i feel like i’ve been tense for the last 3 weeks, like i’ve had constant adrenaline pumping and didn’t even realize it.

the best news was that they aren’t recommending any further testing, beyond the ultrasound (which i would have anyway) and echocardiogram in 2 weeks.  i’m relieved.  i am guessing i’ll have an extra ultrasound in the 3rd trimester some time, depending on what they see at 20 weeks.  but i think d and i are both ready to get this pregnancy back to normal, back to what appears to be a healthy little boy.  very little — something like half a pound.

and now, a vent.  i hope that’s okay.  it is a very weird experience to be constantly hungry and have a stomach so much smaller than you are used to.  i have a big appetite when i’m not pregnant, and i love eating.  since week 3 or 4 i’ve been constantly hungry, but in the last few weeks there just isn’t enough room.  i’m starving, then i eat a small serving, and i’m miserably full.  you know, that feeling that you can’t wait for time to creep by, for your food to digest.  it’s with almost every meal, and i don’t even think i’m eating that much!  i’m not gaining that much weight, so i’m not concerned about that.  it’s really just uncomfortable.  and more recently, i have terrible heartburn, sometimes just from drinking water!

but if it kills me (or keeps me running to the bathroom every 3o minutes), i will drink water water water, because today, for the first time, my feet look downright chubby.  i haven’t had any swelling really, but i’m out of my normal routine being on vacation, and sometimes that makes it hard to remember to hydrate.

one last thing — being pregnant is weird.  i can’t explain exactly what it is, but every night i just feel… ugh.  sluggish, that’s the only word i can think of.  it is kind of awesome having a spouse who completely understands!  i don’t remember her having the same complaints — she had a really difficult first trimester but seemed fine after that — but she also didn’t have a toddler.  and she also, bless her, never begrudges anyone some whining.

enough about that.  baby is moving a lot these days, which is an intense feeling!  i can’t wait for d to be able to feel him, but i’m also trying to appreciate this phase.  for a little while longer, it is just me and him.  what a privilege.



  1. I’m usually anti-drug, but Zantac was a lifesaver for me for heartburn. (it’s over the counter). Really effective!

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