Posted by: mommytoo | September 5, 2010

officially back home!

yesterday was my first day back at work, and it’s a good way to go, because i’m off today and then back again tomorrow.  going back was okay, weekends are calmer and tomorrow is a holiday so hopefully nothing too crazy will be going on.  the strangest part of going back to work is that i clearly “popped” in the last two weeks (which i knew).  my scrub shirts are getting uncomfortable, so i was wearing a tee-shirt that is kind of fitted.  people who knew i was pregnant kept commenting on how i looked, and people who didn’t know, sort of gestured and congratulated me.  for the most part everyone was very nice and polite, i am dreading getting to the point that strangers come up to me and say “oh my god are you going to give birth right here?”

this morning nate slept late, and now he and d are at the gym — they have a great little playroom and babysitter, with a table of trains, so he’s happy there while d goes running.  they were so cute packing up — nate had his own juice and “mommy’s juice,” her sports drink, he packed them into her gym bag.  what are the chances that i can clean the kitchen, run laundry, eat breakfast, and finish this blog post in the next hour or so?  but i really wanted to post some vacation photos.  for some reason, i can’t get the captions to line up with the photos.  it’s really annoying but i have run out of patience to fix!

at the beach in provincetown — nate has just recently started smiling for pictures, but they are these weird, fake smiles.  at least they’re funny!

on a walk in wellfleet

watching j skateboard…

trying it himself…

pushing j is a little more his speed right now!

he could not get enough of baby e.  and our friends had a tent on the beach, was he decided was a tunnel.  so after playing in the water, sand and mud for a while, he wanted to get undressed (except his shoes) and show the baby how to play with a dinosaur.

goofing around with his friend “téa”


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