Posted by: mommytoo | January 6, 2011

who’s counting?

d and i had our last of three hypnobirthing classes today.  the instructor was kind enough to give us private lessons, at no additional charge.  it was a lifesaver, because our schedules were so crazy the last few months.

we are not model students, in that we don’t do the “homework” much, including practice as much as we should/could.  one thing i’ve learned, though, is that i’m not exactly the hypnosis type.  instead, i’m working on relaxation and meditation, or the closest my busy brain can get.  which the teacher said sounds like the right direction for me, that it isn’t important to get hung up on whether i’m doing it right, etc.  i will report on how it actually goes, during labor.

today is 38 weeks, 5 days.  i’m getting more uncomfortable, and more obsessed with what every discomfort means.  it’s really hard not to do obsess, and i’m making every effort to enjoy my time off, and be patient (i am not a very patient person).  i was scheduled to start maternity leave after this week, but 12 hour shifts are feeling pretty impossible, so that’s that — i worked through 38 weeks instead of 39, and then swallowed my pride and threw in the towel.  my last shift was 6 days ago, and the last week has been lovely, spending time with nate and even getting some one on one time with d, when nate is at school.  so, another week like this could be fantastic.

the nursery is finished, except the closet of death, as i call it.  we always have one closet in the house that is unbelievably, completely, disgustingly overrun with junk, and right now it’s the one in the nursery, and i’ve been talking about cleaning it for MONTHS.  from experience, we know that we prefer to keep baby clothes in the dresser, so it will not be the end of the world if i go into labor before i get to it.  but i will feel better when it’s done.  other than that, my to-do list is pretty sedentary… phone calls, faxes, emails, lists… loose ends from a semester of letting things go.  and puttering, lots of puttering.  my favorite.



  1. glad you’re back, but wow, what a sad time you had to deal with. I *kind* of understand where you’re at, as the day we found out we were preggo with Ruby (#3), some friends of ours (who have not yet had children, and have been trying for 5 years) found out they were miscarrying. Not the same, in the fact that you both were full terms, but yet the same in the–“not fair”, “why them not us” feelings.

    anyway, i’ve been checking in on you periodically, hoping that you were doing well. sending you the best vibes possible—

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