Posted by: mommytoo | April 22, 2011

in which i turn over a new leaf

i think maybe i’m ready to return to blogging, now that my semester is almost over.  i have one more week of my clinical rotation, and a final exam, then a couple of weeks off… then my last clinical rotation!  i finish in august, at which point i will start my next round of anxiety, about passing my boards, getting my license, and finding a new job as a nurse practitioner.

my boys are both doing well.  updates on levi: he is 3.5 months old, and has red hair!  we brought him to get his little hand (otherwise known as his lucky fin) checked out at what is apparently the best hospital in the world for pediatric orthopedics.  it’s local!  they see tons of limb differences, and the doctor was fantastic.  he told us what d had already figured out, which is that levi has symbrachydactyly (too many Ys for one word).  it’s hard to explain what his hand looks like, the best i can say is that it looks like he is always giving a little “hang ten” gesture, with a long thumb, a long pinky, and three teeny fingers in between.  his thumb is opposable, and that is what makes a huge difference.  the doctor and occupational therapist recommended basically nothing.  he doesn’t need surgery or even occupational therapy, both agreed that he would most likely figure it all out on his own, because it has a lot of function.  they said probably the most we’ll need them for is an adaptive device for a baseball mitt or a violin bow some day, and they want to see us in a year because we are “part of the family” now.  all in all, a great visit.  i was a wreck, i was dreading the x rays especially.  when the time came, levi smiled through the whole thing, with a lead blanket over him.

we’ve had lots of ups and downs since the little guy got here, but we are adjusting, i’ll say that for us.  nate turned three a few weeks ago, and he is showing it!  which probably deserves a whole separate post… right now our biggest challenge is that levi’s nanny, who is also a friend, had unexpected surgery this past monday.  and just because timing always seems to work this way, nate is off school this week, as well as monday and tuesday next week (because you know, everyone celebrates all eight days of passover).  it’s been an adventure, having at least one of us home all week, and managing them both when i’m home alone.  we went to the aquarium, the mall with a merry go round, got summer shoes for nate, went to the playground, a couple of trips to the coffee shop… lots of trains, lots of fire trucks, lots of playdoh.  not too much tv, i’m happy to report.  the days aren’t bad, it’s really the evenings that make me lose my mind.  levi has his “witching hour” around 6 or 7pm, and that’s when nate starts to get cranky, and i’m trying to make sure he’s eaten, and frankly i’m just not great at juggling the two of them, especially with levi nursing frequently.

here’s a shot of my sweet boys…



  1. Hi! Great to hear from you. And a lucky fin? That’s fantastic! Great news from the docs and very happy to hear that it’s nothing to be concerned about.

    Whew, 2 weeks with both kids at home, you must be exhausted. They are adorable, of course!

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