the other mother… non-bio mom… second mom… non-gestational parent… mostly i’m just mama.



  1. Hey,

    I’m so happy I came across your blog. I was wondering if you would be willing to entertain some questions I have about the second-parent adoption process (in terms of the cost and length of time involved)? I live on the other side of PA, so it would be rather helpful to know some basic information in advance of our attempt to conceive.

    Congratulations on your lil’ peanut.

  2. Hey, just happened on to your blog, just had a mommy’s night out. When I got home my little man was sound asleep, (how? with out me?!) And I am taking advantage of some quiet time looking up books on being an older mom of an only child, fun fun :)

    Love to be let in on such precious moments, milk drunk!! my little guy is 21 months old, so old, when I think back to those first months. I have to admit that I am a bio mom but I the whole mom thing is such a mind blower no matter how or what kind of undefined mom you are. I cannot imagine anyone (any parent) giving you any less credit, bio or whatever. New little people are just so… you know….amazing! They have some kind of magic or just straight up biological effect on us. They do make us feel so much more, yeah?

    Any way just had to say thanks for sharing. It is an amazing trip. And ditto on the magic swing!!!

  3. Just found your blog through a couple of clicks and links. Anyway, we’re also Philly mamas and so I just wanted to send you a shout out!


    (PS–I’m the non biological mom and I also get TONS of comments about how much Hallie looks like me. I love it).

  4. Hi Mommy too,
    I found your blog through The Other Mother. I thought it was a great coincidence that you happen to live in philly and are in Nursing. I am moving to Philly to attend nusing school this spring. AND you went to a women’s college. So did I. I graduated from Smith ’01, were you at MHC? Anyway, your blog is super cute. I am really excited that I stumbled onto it.


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